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Cipher Mining

Currently operates four bitcoin mining data centers in Texas.
Their current intention is to continue to expand their bitcoin mining business by developing additional data centers, expanding capacity at their current data centers and entering into other arrangements, such as joint ventures or data center hosting agreements.

As of February 28, 2023, they operated approximately 58,500 miners, with an aggregate hashrate capacity of approximately 6.1 exahash per second (“EH/s”), deploying approximately 203 megawatts (“MW”) of electricity, of which we owned approximately 48,500 miners, with an aggregate hashrate capacity of approximately 5.2 EH/s, deploying approximately 172 MW of electricity.



Carbon Credit Rank

589 ktCO2

Total Emissions

5,16 EH/s

Current Hashrate (Feb '23)


Percentage of total Hashrate

173 MW


34 (W/TH)


Headquarters & Datacenter Locations

Rye, New York (USA)










Datacenter Locations

Sustainability Practices

They believe that the strong bitcoin mining
dynamics in the United States are particularly driven by low-cost energy and reliable power infrastructure, investor interest in bitcoin mining and access to
capital markets, access to data center construction and operations talent markets, and potential opportunities to partner with energy industry participants on projects involving renewable energy sources.

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