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Riot is a Bitcoin mining, hosting and engineering company, with mining operations in central Texas.

About 34% of their quarterly revenue came from Riot’s electrical switchgear engineering and fabrication operations in Colorado.

Their facility in Texas represents the largest Bitcoin mining facility in North America.



Carbon Credit Rank

1021 ktCO2

Total Emissions

9,7 EH/s

Current Hashrate (Feb '23)


Percentage of total Hashrate

300 MW


31 (W/TH)


Headquarters & Datacenter Locations

Castle Rock, Colorado (USA)


Texas (USA)








Datacenter Locations

Sustainability Practices

In February 2021 and throughout 2022, Riot voluntarily reduced their operations and
curtailed their energy consumption to allow their energy provider to redirect their power allotment back into the Electric Reliability Council of Texas
(“ERCOT”) market during extreme weather events. By taking such actions, they immediately helped to stabilize the grid by allowing their power
allotment to be delivered to the areas of greatest need, such as heating homes and powering hospitals. Overall, their operations incentivize new power generation development and their actions help to reduce the frequency and impact of power failures and electricity price surges. In exchange for
powering down their systems in response to high electricity demand, they receive benefits associated with the difference between their contractual cost of
power and the price at which such power is sold on the ERCOT market (less any applicable fees payable to their consultants who assist with their
participation in the ERCOT Demand Response Services Program). Additionally, they voluntarily participate in load response programs operated by
ERCOT, whereby they temporarily give ERCOT the right to curtail a set portion of their power load at their discretion in exchange for a fee. Ultimately,
these benefits are shared between them, other consumers participating in the ERCOT market, and the overall health of the Texas grid.

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